Using WebAssembly

You can call a JavaScript function from Go and call a Go function from WebAssembly:

package main

// This calls a JS function from Go.
func main() {
    println("adding two numbers:", add(2, 3)) // expecting 5

// This function is imported from JavaScript, as it doesn't define a body.
// You should define a function named 'main.add' in the WebAssembly 'env'
// module from JavaScript.
func add(x, y int)

// This function is exported to JavaScript, so can be called using
// exports.multiply() in JavaScript.
//go:export multiply
func multiply(x, y int) int {
    return x * y;

Related JavaScript would look something like this:

// Providing the environment object, used in WebAssembly.instantiateStreaming.
env: {
    'main.add': function(x, y) {
        return x + y
    // ... other functions

// Calling the multiply function:
console.log('multiplied two numbers:', wasm.exports.multiply(5, 3));

A more complete example is provided in the wasm example.