Sensors and displays that are supported by TinyGo.

TinyGo has support for many different devices and sensors such as digital accelerometers, OLED displays, WiFi adaptors, and more.

Drivers are packages designed to make it easier to use these devices from your own TinyGo programs.

All of these drivers can be found in the TinyGo Drivers repository located at

The following 102 devices are supported.

Device Name Datasheet Interface Type
4x4 Membrane Keypad datasheet GPIO
ADT7410 I2C Temperature Sensor datasheet I2C
ADXL345 accelerometer datasheet I2C
AHT20 I2C Temperature and Humidity Sensor datasheet I2C
AMG88xx 8x8 Thermal camera sensor datasheet I2C
APA102 RGB LED datasheet SPI
APDS9960 Digital proximity, ambient light, RGB and gesture sensor datasheet I2C
AS5600 / AS5601 on-axis magnetic rotary position sensors( datasheet I2C
AT24CX 2-wire serial EEPROM datasheet I2C
AXP192 single Cell Li-Battery and Power System Management datasheet I2C
BBC micro:bit LED matrix datasheet GPIO
BH1750 ambient light sensor datasheet I2C
BlinkM RGB LED datasheet I2C
BMA42X triaxial acceleration sensor datasheet I2C
BME280 humidity/pressure sensor datasheet I2C
BMI160 accelerometer/gyroscope datasheet SPI
BMP180 barometer datasheet I2C
BMP280 temperature/barometer datasheet I2C
BMP388 pressure sensor datasheet I2C
Buzzer datasheet GPIO
DHTXX thermometer and humidity sensor datasheet GPIO
DS1307 real time clock datasheet I2C
DS18B20 digital thermometer datasheet I2C
DS3231 real time clock datasheet I2C
ESP32 as WiFi Coprocessor with Arduino nina-fw datasheet SPI
ESP8266/ESP32 AT Command set for WiFi/TCP/UDP datasheet UART
FT6336 touch controller datasheet I2C
GPS module datasheet I2C/UART
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic distance sensor datasheet GPIO
HD44780 LCD controller datasheet GPIO/I2C
HTS221 digital humidity and temperature sensor datasheet I2C
HUB75 RGB led matrix datasheet SPI
ILI9341 TFT color display datasheet SPI
INA260 Volt/Amp/Power meter datasheet I2C
Infrared remote control datasheet GPIO
IS31FL3731 matrix LED driver datasheet I2C
L293x motor driver datasheet GPIO/PWM
L9110x motor driver datasheet GPIO/PWM
LIS2MDL magnetometer datasheet I2C
LIS3DH accelerometer datasheet I2C
LPS22HB MEMS nano pressure sensor datasheet I2C
LSM303AGR accelerometer datasheet I2C
LSM6DS3 accelerometer datasheet I2C
LSM6DS3TR accelerometer datasheet I2C
LSM6DSOX accelerometer datasheet I2C
LSM9DS1 accelerometer datasheet I2C
MAG3110 magnetometer datasheet I2C
Makey Button datasheet GPIO
MAX7219 & MAX7221 display driver datasheet SPI
MCP23017 port expander datasheet I2C
MCP2515 Stand-Alone CAN Controller with SPI Interface datasheet SPI
MCP3008 analog to digital converter (ADC) datasheet SPI
Microphone - PDM datasheet I2S/PDM
MMA8653 accelerometer datasheet I2C
MPU6050 accelerometer/gyroscope datasheet I2C
MPU6886 accelerometer/gyroscope datasheet I2C
MPU9150 accelerometer/gyroscope I2C
NDIR CO2 Sensor datasheet I2C
One Wire bus system datasheet 1-wire
P1AM-100 Base Controller datasheet SPI
PCD8544 display datasheet SPI
PCF8523 real time clock datasheet I2C
PCF8563 real time clock datasheet I2C
QMI8658C accelerometer/gyroscope datasheet I2C
Resistive Touchscreen (4-wire) datasheet GPIO
Rotary Encoder datasheet GPIO
RTL8720DN 2.4G/5G Dual Bands Wireless and BLE5.0 datasheet UART
SCD4x CO2 Sensor datasheet I2C
Semihosting datasheet Debug
Semtech SX126x Lora datasheet SPI
Semtech SX127x Lora datasheet SPI
Servo datasheet PWM
SH1106 OLED display datasheet I2C / SPI
Shift register (PISO) datasheet GPIO
Shift registers (SIPO) datasheet GPIO
SHT3x Digital Humidity Sensor datasheet I2C
SHT4x Digital Humidity Sensor datasheet I2C
SHTC3 Digital Humidity Sensor (RH/T) datasheet I2C
software I2C driver datasheet GPIO
SPI NOR Flash Memory datasheet SPI/QSPI
SSD1289 TFT color display datasheet GPIO
SSD1306 OLED display datasheet I2C / SPI
SSD1331 TFT color display datasheet SPI
SSD1351 OLED display datasheet SPI
ST7735 TFT color display datasheet SPI
ST7789 TFT color display datasheet SPI
Stepper motor “Easystepper” controller datasheet GPIO
Thermistor datasheet ADC
TM1637 7-segment LED display datasheet I2C
TMP102 I2C Temperature Sensor datasheet I2C
TTP229 (BSF version) 16 keys or 8 keys touch pad detector datasheet GPIO
UC8151 All-in-one driver IC for ESL datasheet I2C
VEML6070 UV light sensor datasheet I2C
VL53L1X time-of-flight distance sensor datasheet I2C
VL6180X time-of-flight distance sensor datasheet I2C
Waveshare 2.13" (B & C) e-paper display datasheet SPI
Waveshare 2.13" e-paper display datasheet SPI
Waveshare 2.9" e-paper display (V1) datasheet SPI
Waveshare 4.2" e-paper B/W display datasheet SPI
Waveshare GC9A01 TFT round display datasheet SPI
WS2812 RGB LED datasheet GPIO
XPT2046 touch controller datasheet GPIO

We also give you the ability to add new drivers. If your device isn’t listed here, please raise an issue in the issue tracker.

If you want to know more about how drivers are implemented please see the Drivers page under “Concepts”.

Last modified February 21, 2024: Updated device count (d5288b8)