Additional requirements

Build a development version of TinyGo from source if you want to help improve TinyGo or want to try the latest features.

We’re not done yet. Some extra things need to be built before you can start using TinyGo.

If you haven’t already, you need to download llvm-project (for the compiler-rt sources that are needed for most architectures). Run the following commands inside your cloned TinyGo repository:

make llvm-source

To be able to use TinyGo on a bare-metal target, you need to generate some files first:

make gen-device

To be able to use TinyGo to build WebAssembly binaries, you will need to compile wasi-libc and Binaryen:

make wasi-libc
make binaryen

These command may need to be re-run after some updates in TinyGo.

There are also some extra tools you will need to install, depending on your operating system. These tools are avrdude and openocd. Check the additional requirements for your operating system:

Last modified February 25, 2024: apply @aykevl's suggestions (3ce637b)