Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a handheld videogame platform based on the Nvidia Tegra X1 SoC.


Interface Hardware Supported TinyGo Support
GPIO ? ?
UART ? ?
SPI ? ?
I2C ? ?
ADC ? ?
PWM ? ?
USBDevice ? ?

Machine Package Docs

Documentation for the machine package for the Nintendo Switch

Installing dependencies

You will need the linkle ( program to convert to the NRO format needed by the Switch:

You can use a Nintendo Switch software emulator such as yuzu ( to test your programs.

Building code

Build your Nintendo Switch programs using -target nintendoswitch like this:

tinygo build -o main.elf -target nintendoswitch examples/serial

Once you have created the ELF file, convert it into the NRO format using linkle:

linkle nro main.elf main.nro

You can now use the NRO file with your emulator or flash it onto your physical hardware.


Information needed here…


See the gonx package ( for wrappers around Nintendo Switch APIs.

Examples using gonx can be found at

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